210 BC – The conquest of Akragas

The Past in your Hands

We plunge into History for the first big Re-enactement event in Sicily
6th-7th may 2017

Our first project aims to organize an event of didactic archaeology and historical re-enactment in the Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento. We are in the middle of the attacks of Hannibal, Punic and Roman armies are fighting for Sicily and struggling for the control on Akragas.

Walking among the tents of the soldiers’ camps, visitors will plunge into daily life of the end of III century BC. They will meet women spinning their tissues or a doctor treating a wound, admire the amazing glass necklaces made by Carthaginians, discover Punic and Roman recipes, watch some of the scenes of military training to feel like they are the leading characters of this colourful and resounding experience.

The project will be developed thanks to a team of selected students from the MA of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of University of Palermo and the High School Liceo Classico Empedocle of Agrigento; they will follow all the management of the venue and they will be the guides through the camps on the 6th-67th May.

Participation is free. We kindly recommend booking in advance.

Team: Candida Cipolla, Elisa Contino, Claudia De Giorgi, Emanuele Giunta, Fabrizio Lo Faro, Alessandra Maganuco, Lidia Matano, Iolanda Mignosi, Mattia Parrino.

Co-workers: Maria Simonaro, Alessia Ballaccomo, Paola Ciaravella, Viviana Agnello.

Graphics and Media: Daniela Frenna

Art Director: Andrea Moretti moroeventi.com

Photoreporter: Alessandra Falzone photo


2017/05/06 09:00:00