The cultural association PastActivity was born in 2016 from the idea of two archaeologists, Laura and Giovanni, along with the external cooperation of a third one, Claudia.

PastActivity’s main goal is the valorisation of the landscape and the cultural heritage through a better knowledge and understanding of the past and of its traditions. Our activities are suited for a wide range of people: researchers, enthusiasts, families, schools, both young and old people, travellers and any other history lover.

Our approach combines scientific bases with new communicative languages giving everyone the chance to dive into a lost world.


The cultural association PastActivity was born in 2016 from the idea of three young archaeologists

Giovanni Virruso

Giovanni Virruso, is a prehistoric archaeologist, expert in experimental archaeology, lithic technology and scientific popularization. For years, Giovanni has been collaborating with important museums where he learnt the most innovative methods of communication and popularization of Prehistory. Today he is working at the MUSE of Trento. He has organised and developed several didactic activities for schools, museums and temporary exhibitions. His collections of prehistoric stones and clay tools replicas are exhibited in some important museums of Northern Italy. Recently he started the new project Touriddu to guide tourists around Sicily.


Laura Danile

Laura Danile, is an archaeologist with both an MSc and a PhD in Classical Archaeology. After several years in Greece, Laura is now living and working in Sicily. She collaborates with state bodies and universities on both research and field activities. Since 2013, Laura has been involved in a learning program for schools and families with young children at the Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento. She is also an official tour guide very passionate about helping people to discover the history of the cities they are visiting/living in and to walk backwards in time along the wonderful path of history.


Zelia Di Giuseppe

Archeologa preistorica/archeozoologa, dottore di ricerca in Storia e Cultura dei popoli antichi, esperto in didattica museale. E’ stata docente a contratto nelle Università di Firenze e Siena e docente in diversi Master di specializzazione in Toscana. Dopo un ventennio passato in giro per l’Italia oggi vive e lavora in Sicilia come libero professionista. Svolge indagini archeologiche, ricerca e divulgazione scientifica collaborando con diverse soprintendenze e con il Parco Archeologico e Paesaggistico Valle dei Templi di Agrigento. Ha progettato e condotto attività di divulgazione e archeologia sperimentale (dalla Preistoria al Medioevo) con il Museo Paolo Graziosi di Firenze, dopo aver frequentato corsi di perfezionamento su sviluppo metacognitivo e didattica finalizzati a percorsi formativi ludico-didattici. Oggi svolge in Sicilia attività didattiche rivolte a scuole di ogni ordine e grado e famiglie con bambini.